Frequently Asked Questions 


The questions below are the most frequently asked questions regarding our services and our company. If you don’t see the question you wanted answered below, feel free to call us   434-263-6363 or use our Contact Us Form to ask. We’ll get back to you quickly with a response.

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered together the top 10 most frequently asked questions. We are constantly updating and adding more FAQ’s as they come in so check back in if you don’t see your question or just give us a call. 

  1. Do you offer service in my area? 

    We are expanding our service areas each day.

    Use our Check Availability Form to see if we service your area or give us a call    434-262-6363 to find out. Alternately, you can visit our Home Internet Plans page and choose your VA county from the list to see what service plans are available.

  2. How does SCS Broadband service work? 

    SCS Broadband offers both Home and Business Internet services. Our high-speed internet services are provided by Fixed Wireless technology or through Fiber Optics. Fixed Wireless sends a signal from a nearby tower to a small antenna on your home and can provide a faster internet connection versus traditional Satellite, DSL, or Cable hookups.

    Our Fiber Optic Internet services deliver broadband connection through fiber optic cables that transmit data with light versus traditional copper wires. This allows for the fastest broadband access available, eliminates interference, and improves reliability.

    Whether you are signing up for Wireless or Fiber Internet, SCS Broadband allows you to choose your plan and your contract terms. We then schedule an installation visit to your home or business to connect you to the service. It’s that easy.

  3. Do I have to enter a long-term contract?

    Home customers are required to enter a One-Year service contract in order to obtain service. 

    Business customers are required to sign a Two-Year Contract as our standard.

    Potential fiber customers must call the office in order to see what contracts are available/required, since these vary according to region.

  4. How long does it take to get service started at my home or business?

    Not long at all. Once we verify that a radio signal/fiber line can reach your home or business, we will work with you to schedule a date and time for installation that’s convenient for you.

    Fiber Internet services might require additional installation requirements and scheduling, so timing could vary.


    How does Fixed Wireless Internet compare to Satellite, DSL, Dial-Up or Cable Internet?

    Fixed Wireless Internet has several advantages over Satellite, the biggest one being that Fixed Wireless only has to shoot a few miles to the nearest tower, whereas Satellite Internet has to talk to a satellite that may be 20,000 miles away. This translates into far lower latency (the time it takes for data to make a round-trip) which makes for faster internet speeds. Also, Satellite Internet is heavily affected by weather such as thunderstorms; not so for Fixed Wireless.

    Fixed Wireless also has advantages over DSL, Dial-Up, and Cable Internet, all of which use copper cables to transmit data. This means that they are subject to electrical interference, as well as losing signal strength the farther you travel down the copper wire. Plus, Dial-Up has the added disadvantage of tying up the phone line whenever you are online. 


    How does Fiber Internet compare to Satellite, DSL, Dial-Up or Cable?

    Fiber Internet is the gold standard for high-speed, reliable internet. There are no radio transmissions involved, so no chance for radio interference. Also, the cables are made of glass fibers so there is no chance of electrical interference like with a traditional copper cable. Third, the data is transmitted at the speed of light, making it the fastest connection available.


    Does weather impact my internet connection in any way?

    With Fixed Wireless Internet, weather is rarely an issue since the transmission occurs over a very short distance, usually just a few miles. However, any obstacle blown into the radio’s path will affect the transmission, like blowing leaves.


    Are there data caps or limits on what I can use each month?

    No. None of SCS Broadband’s plans limit the amount of data you can use each month. Unlike other providers, we believe that we should never limit the amount of information you want to view, share, or send each month. No limits, no caps, no kidding. 


    Where can I find all of AcelaNet’s terms, conditions and policies?

    You can view all of SCS Broadband’s terms, conditions, and policies right here at our Contracts & Terms page. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to call us at  434-262-6363.

  10. What billing options does AcelaNet offer?

    We make paying your bill simple and easy, and we provide multiple options from which to choose. Current customers can pay their bill by check through the mail, or pay online through our payment portal. When paying online, all you need to do is login, enter your payment details, and hit submit.

    We also offer the option to sign up for Auto Pay. Auto Pay gives SCS Broadband permission to withdraw the amount owed each month from your account or card of choice. This way, you’re never late on payments and there’s no risk of service interruption. Visit Make a Payment for more info.