Hanover Details

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 The tower schedule can change due to leasing issues or other factors. The status will be updated as changes occur.

*The map terms “Excellent, Good, Fair” refer to the chance of getting service signal in each zone. Service is not guaranteed for every address within the tower coverage area, each address must be checked individually.

ELLE – Tower #2601

Serves the areas around Rock Hill Rd, East Cold Harbor Rd, Crown Hill Rd, Beulah Church Rd

Status Note: This tower will be connected to Old Church and its status is dependent on Old Church being competed. A new solution for Old Church has recently been determined.

Date of Status: 9/1/2018

Estimated Completion Date: 11/25/2018

OLDC – Tower #2602

Serves the areas around Old Church, Old Church Rd, Appersons Store, Piping Tree Ferry Rd

Status Note: Two solutions to the year-long backhaul for this tower have been determined as of July and are being presented to the county.  This tower was leased with a computer model showing a link to a fibered tower. The computer model was wrong as the fibered tower was lower than originally planned. SCS has spent an enormous amount of time leasing various tower replacements, with three failing engineering for more equipment. Today, we have succeeded in finding a tower and we are in process of leasing that tower.

Date of Status: 9/1/2018

Estimated Completion Date: 10/1/2018

Backhaul Tower Project

This project is required to be completed in order to load and activate 2601 and 2602

Status Note: This project is to load a backhaul link to feed the two above towers. New options have been added to the project after the failure of four towers over the last year to solve the issue to connect Old Church and Ellerson towers to the Internet. SCS will report here on the status of the successful option as the work unfolds. 

SCS has determined that two towers, one in Charles City and one in Henrico can solve the link issue to Old Church and Ellerson towers. In addition, SCS has requested to be allowed to add an extension to the height of the original tower in Charles City.  

Date of Status: 9/1/2018

Estimated Completion Date: 10/15/2018