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Paying online is safe, secure, and convenient. It saves both time and stamp money, and it ensures there are no service interruptions.

You might also want to consider signing up for Auto Pay which provides for automatic withdrawal from a bank account each month to help you avoid late fees and service interruptions.

Pay Online 


Paying online is easy and secure. Just click the button below, login to the secure payment portal, enter your payment details and submit. It’s that simple. Don’t waste your time with stamps, envelopes and snail mail any longer!

You can also always pay your bill over the phone as well. Just give us a call.  434-263-6363  

  • It’s Convenient – No stamps, no envelopes, no walking out to the mailbox
  • It’s Secure – Online payment is safer than mailing hard-copy checks
  • It Saves Time – Simply login, enter your payment information, then hit submit
  • You Can Pay from Anywhere – No need to be near your checkbook or a mailbox


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Sign Up for Automatic Payment


Auto Pay provides a convenient, easy way to ensure that your payment is always on time and your service is never interrupted.

We provide two options for signing up for auto pay:

  • You can click the button below to sign up for auto pay online. Once you fill out the form, you will be taken to an e-signature page where you can sign. No paper, no hassle!
  • Or, you can click the link below the button, which will allow you to download the auto pay form directly to your computer. You can then print the form out and fill it out in pen, sign it, and return it to us either in person or by mail.

Once authorized, we’ll withdraw the billed amount from the account or card of your choosing each billing period. Simple and secure!

  • It’s Convenient – Once it’s set up, no need to manage it! 
  • It’s Secure – Auto withdrawals mean 12 fewer checks being sent through the mail
  • No Risk of Forgetting – Automatic payments mean you can focus your attention on other things and reduce the risk of service interruption
  • Improved Credit Score – Auto Pay helps ensure no missed payments and no hits to your score
  • Environmentally Responsible –  Online auto pay is a great way to go green!

Simply download and complete the Auto Pay form, sign it, then email it back to us at We’ll get you set up for recurring payments.

Fill & Sign Auto Pay Form Online

Download Auto Pay Form