Overall Status: SCS Broadband has provided wireless services to the Spears Mountain region for several years. We also serve portions of the County from sites in Nelson County.

Current Status: We have submitted a proposal to create a countywide Implementation Plan for wireless services, which would include our new LTE broadband speeds. The Implementation Plan would contain a detailed design of a countywide network based on analysis of all vertical structures and requirements of the County. The document also includes an estimated Project Plan with timelines. This was delivered in February 2017.

Future Plans: We will begin the transition to LTE of current sites in the fall for the Spears Mountain area after final FCC approval. The FCC is running behind on approvals to a large number of applications nationwide. We hope we will be adding additional commercial towers to our network in 2018. Fees which have kept SCS from being able to lease towers in Buckingham which were $3,000 to $5,000 colocation fees have been reduced to $1,800. This helps to makes it possible to expand further in Buckingham County. In the second or fourth quarter of 2018, we will be adding services to the Curdsville area, depending on the building of a tower at that location.