Overall Status: SCS Broadband has loaded all three County towers with both WIFI and LTE systems and has begun deployments to homes and businesses. We have also tied a private tower into the network to help with backhaul issues faced by the County towers.

Current Status: Limited Internet deployment has started for the Court House and Ruthville areas. These two towers are limited in bandwidth; this is due to an issue with the height of the refuse hill between towers. The Roxbury tower had some height and terrain blockage issues and is being refitted with our WIFI systems. The WiFi system provides better tree penetration than LTE. SCS Broadband is investing in commercial towers leases over the next few months to augment the wireless network and improve servicing ability. The exciting news is that a tower in the southeast of the county is moving forward in leasing. In addition, a connection between the Courthouse tower and a second fibered tower is underway in order provide more redundancy and bandwidth. Completion is expected In late August.

Future Plans: SCS Broadband will continue to expand to commercial towers between now and 2019 to bring our WIFI and LTE systems online for servicing homes and businesses. The next steps include a tower on RT 60 in the northern portion of the County and a link to our Surry County network, which will provide both counties with redundant fiber connections for backup in case of a fiber failure.