Overall Status: SCS Broadband has partnered with Hanover County and will be deploying services on the first of two towers in the second half of 2018.

Current Status: Ground conduit and equipment boxes have been install to support tower transmission equipment for the Old Church and Ellison towers. An unforeseen issue developed last year in that the tower to connect these to the Internet failed during live testing. The computer models used for the link was wrong. SCS has continued to develop the supporting backhaul networks with several fiber leases while trying to find an alternative to connecting the towers to the Internet. Three towers in succession have failed either to fail leasing processes such as wind load requirements or poor cost-effectiveness for the overall project. SCS has determined as of June 1st four possible more options to solve this critical issue.  As we proceed through June working on these options, we will update the new Details page you can see by clicking the link below. The Details page is updated on the 1st and 15th of each month, or when a significant change in status occurs.

Future Plans: SCS Broadband is committed to working through the above issue for the two eastern Hanover towers. Once we complete these two towers, we will start Phase II with the leasing and scheduliing of three towers in the western part of Hanover.

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