Overall Status: SCS Broadband purchased CVALink in late 2016 which consists of ten tower locations. The Network covers much of northern, central and southern Louisa County, with some sites east and west. The first LTE customers have been installed in Louisa, with more to follow. SCS Broadband also has eight community relay poles which expand services into hard to reach areas of the County.

Current Status: SCS Broadband has approvals completed for the entire County for LTE deployment. This was a 14 month concerted effort and investment. The first LTE customers were installed in early Spring and expansion and conversion projects are underway. These projects will continue through much of 2018. We have also leased a new 10Gig circuit attached to our location in Richmond that places many high volume applications such as Netflix, AppleTV, Dropbox, Facebook, and much more directly on our network. SCS Broadband will be submitting a Proposal to lease all county towers in May. These towers, along with our 17 locations, will make an impressive wireless network, like no other County in Virginia!

Future Plans: SCS Broadband will continue to upgrade the entire network to meet future bandwidth requirements. We are also adding additional tower resources through leasing and purchasing. We expect to be near or at 20 commercial tower locations by end of 2018. SCS has also delivered a proposal to lease all new county towers as they get built. We are awaiting the county’s decision on our proposal.