Overall Status: The majority of Nelson County has our service available through our wireless and fiber networks.

Current Status: We have approvals from all Grandfathered Earth Stations and The National Quiet Zone for LTE deployment throughout the County. Two FCC requests have been received for two sites, and another 13 sites are expected to go through FCC at any time. The FCC has been overwhelmed nationally with LTE requests and is currently running behind on approval processing.

The CVEC project to provide fiber internet to Nelson County will have a major impact on SCS Broadband’s network in Nelson. We believe strongly that it should be a fiber/wireless hybrid network due to the costs of running fiber lines great distances out to remote homes. Furthermore, if the County takes the Nelson County fiber network (a network built by 2009 Stimulus tax dollars) and transfers its ownership to CVEC, it must result in an open access network allowing SCS to continue to serve equally as an ISP. Most importantly, SCS will not accept a transfer when an unfair competitive environment has been created. SCS is fully prepared to deliver the same speeds as promised by CVEC, 100Mbps to 1Gbps. But since SCS pays for the use of the Nelson County fiber network, this transfer situation would prevent SCS from having the competitive pricing that CVEC is estimating they will have with their services. Any approval for transferring the fiber must include a solution to this costing issue and create a fair competitive market.

Future Plans:  We will begin the transition to LTE of all sites in 2018 which remain profitable, not affected by the CVEC fiber project. We will be adding additional commercial towers to our network this year in Nelson County which will expand services in the Arrington, Lovingston, and Afton areas. Additional new towers may become available in 2018-2019.