Overall Status: The majority of Nelson County has our service available, through our wireless and fiber networks.

Current Status: We have approvals from all Grand Father Earth Stations and The National Quiet Zone for LTE deployment throughout the County. Two FCC requests have been received for two sites, and another 13 sites are expected to be through FCC in June. The CVEC project to fiber Nelson County will have a major impact on SCS Broadband network in Nelson. Further details are forthcoming as we learn more details on how the County will handle working with SCS Broadband to maintain services to the thousands of citizens SCS serves that are not on the CVEC electrical network. Many of our towers have citizens which are in both power companies, AEP and CVEC. With the loss of CVEC customers, some towers may prove to be unaffordable by 2019, causing a loss of service to AEP customers, and CVEC customers which do not get fiber due to costs of distances. SCS Broadband has continued to offer services and partnership in working with the County and CVEC projects. SCS is also determing how our fiber customers will be impacted by CVEC’s request to take over the fiber network built with tax funds. We will be working hard and taking whatever measures needed to make sure that SCS will be able to continue offering wireless and fiber services on a competitive basis.  Any action taken to subvert proper competition will be met agressively by SCS to protect citizens right to fair competition and lowest pricing and best service.

Future Plans:  We will begin the transition to LTE of all sites in 2018 which remain profitable, not affected by the CVEC fiber project. We will be adding additional commercial towers to our network this year in Nelson County which will add services in Arrington, Lovingston, and Afton areas.