Overall Status: SCS Broadband has partnered with Surry County. We are actively deploying internet services from the first tower located in Surry West Business Park.

Current Status: Lease has been signed for COLE tower. This is for the 300′ tower on Colonial Trail East. The tower loading is completed with exceptiin of wiring. A new detailed status by the tower for 2018-2019 has been published, click on the Detail button below. This detailed status will be updated with changes once a month, or when a milestone changes in the project. Tower 3 in the map is the Town of Surry Water Tower. The Town Council turned down our lease request. SCS Broadband was requested at the June 12th meeting at 7:30 PM, to request a reversal of that decision, and allow our services to be provisioned from the structure. The council again refused our request based on that they were told we would interfer with 380 Communications. We explained we are using licenced high speed freauen ies not available to 380, and we would not interfer with their unkicensed frequencies. The council then said we could not have lease because they did not want equipment on tower. We explain our equipment was a fraction in size as compared to 380. The council did not answer and moved on to other topics. SCS is having counsil review new state law that prohibits local governments to not allow broadband expansion on structures being used for any other communication services. If you live in town limits, we request you contact the Surry Town Council to voice your needs for our faster, lower cost services.

Future Plans: SCS Broadband will be expanding on mlre towers in 2018-2019 with investment from SCS. Our second tower starts services by 6/35 which coverages will include all of the Town of Surry, east for 12-15 miles, north to the river. We are working on a tower lease for Dentron and Eberon. A total of 11 towers are being considered for leasing for Surry County.

Due to some inappropiate negative press from a local Surry County news outlet, SCS Broadband has written an official editorial in reply, which was sent to the outlet in question as well as posted here for the consideration of Surry residents.

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