We love hearing from our customers. As a Virginia internet service provider, we pride ourselves on staying close to our customers and always listening when they have something to say. Please read below for what some of our customers had to say about our internet service.

“My family and I have enjoyed SCS Broadband internet for almost two years, and I am writing to say we appreciate the reliable, high-speed connection you provide to our rural home. Your service has benefited us in many ways. Two of our children have completed associate degrees-including online classes-using your service. My wife uses SCS Broadband to supplement home school curriculum for our youngest child. Our entire family enjoys the streaming movies and online news SCS Broadband makes possible.”

– George in Amherst, VA

“[SCS Broadband] has provided a quality dependable high speed internet service to our business and our rental house. This is a service none of the ‘big companies’ has seen important enough to provide Nelson County. A very important service that is crucial to our operations and I feel to this county.”

– Joshua in Nelson County, VA

“I have had Dish and Hughes Net internet service for the past 10 years. I got SCS almost 6 months ago and I can now STREAM TV and internet without any interruption in service. I live in Afton, this is the best service I’ve ever had!!! I dropped my internet and TV bill to less than half of what Dish was costing me. I can’t say enough good things about these guys!”

– Sharon in Nelson County, VA

“We were very frustrated with the lack of high speed internet available in our area. We have had the options of dial-up, Verizon, or Satellite (which has been slow, limited and unreliable in our area). We learned about SCS Broadband and have been equipped with the high speed service his company offers. I wanted to let you know how very pleased and grateful we are to have reliable, low-cost, high speed service.”

– Nonprofit Owner

“I want high speed internet browsing and download, good signal reliability, and reasonably fast repair. SCS Broadband gives me all three. Their speed is many times faster than one can get from a national cable company. Since SCS Broadband’s signal is land based (i.e. not satellite dependent) it is available even in bad weather, whereas the satellite system is “down”.  I would recommend SCS Broadband to anyone they would serve.”

– David in Arrington, VA