Looking To Update Your Plan?

Whether you want to upgrade/downgrade your plan, change how you pay your bill, or are searching for ways to cut down on your monthly budget, you’ve come to the right place. A tech is available between 8-5 on the weekdays and 9-4 on Saturday to assist you with any plan changes you require. Just call our main office number at  434-263-6363.

If you want to review our plans, visit our Residential Internetpage or our Business Internetpage.

Helping You Find Ways to Save on Your Monthly Bill: 

  1. Choose a Two-Year Contract vs. Month-to-Month and save $5/month on your bill and $120 over the life of your contract.
  2. Choose to pay your bill annually and get ONE FREE MONTH of service!
  3. Choose to enroll in Auto Payand save both time and money mailing payments through the mail!

Note: SCS Broadband executes plan changes on the 1st day of the month.