Accounting Can Take You Places

So, what can you do with that accounting degree now that you have finally earned it? Assuming you just graduated from Buy Verified Binance Accounts are probably asking you a question that sends shivers down your spine; what now? Just graduating from college can be a scary and uncertain time in your life. Well, if you graduated with a degree in accounting you most likely already have a job lined up for when you graduate. But, keeping an eye to the near and distant future, what then? It’s up to you.

The field of accounting allows you to have a high degree of mobility potential in your career. You can take several different paths depending on your continued education and specialization as well as your personal interests and strengths. Accountants can specialize in different businesses or fields, or according to particular accounting functions.

This can be confusing. What field do I get into? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Do I go into public or private accounting? First things first, get a job with a public accounting firm as that is a requirement along with passing the test for a Certified Public Accounting to be a fully qualified accountant. In the public accounting sector you will gain experience in auditing and taxation. You will audit a number of different types of companies exposing you to different accounting systems and a variety of problems along the way. Also, you can work with individuals or companies on their taxes. Everyone needs to pay taxes so in this time of economic downturn it is reassuring to know that you and your knowledge of tax will always be needed.

As mentioned above you need your CPA and during your time of working in public accounting you will be studying to become a Certified Public Accountant. Once when you have your CPA, which consists of 4 tests, the accounting world opens up to you. Your CPA allows you to earn a higher salary; it exposes you to a variety of accounting systems, and ultimately places you in higher demand.

With two years of work experience and your CPA you can now advance your career to something like Management Accounting. Here you can come across cost accounting systems, continue working as an auditor all with the possibility of advancing your career to the possibility of eventually becoming a supervisor, manager, or partner. Also, you can eventually become, with hard work and positive results, the Controller of a company, or the Chief Financial Officer, or even the Chief Executive Officer.

All of these possibilities and decisions are really yours to make. Assuming that after 2 years of working in public accounting and passing your CPA exam you are then in a unique situation where other recent graduates your age that majored in fields other than accounting are not. Accounting can enable you to practice and achieve lifetime skills such as critical thinking and analysis, management experience, public speaking experience, not to mention the knowledge of necessary everyday applications such as tax rules and laws.

Not to mention with this accounting degree you do not even need to stay in the field of accounting or finance. Accounting will give you a general business acumen that can allow you to start or run your own business. General accounting principles are imperative in running your business to make sure you do the best you can with your business’ revenues. Accounting is applicable across all sectors of business ranging from the financial world itself, to Information Technology.

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