June 7, 2023

There is no greater joy than reading a great story to your toddler. After speaking to parents of toddlers, sitting in the library looking at what parents are reading to their toddlers and researching the best un curso de milagros for toddlers – I have compiled a list of books which represents the best stories that you should be reading to all your lovely little girls and boys. I hope you enjoy them toddlers (and parents).

Good Night Gorilla By Peggy Rathman

A fun tale about a Zoo Keeper putting the zoo animals to bed. However, as he is going around wishing them all good night a mischievous Gorilla takes his keys and begins to make some trouble. Good Night Gorilla is quite a funny book that will keep both toddlers and parents thoroughly entertained. It has 34 pages of beautiful and vivid pictures. Absolute must-read to any cheeky monkeys.

Share! By Anthea Simmons & Georgie Birkett

A little girl has a younger sibling who she doesn’t want to share with. As the day goes on and her Mummy tells her more and more she learns the importance of sharing and begins to enjoy it. A lovely way to promote sharing amongst brothers and sisters and transform it into something they want to do. The ending in particular is lovely and very heartfelt. Recommended read to toddlers with younger siblings.

Animal Babies! By Amazing Baby

This touch-and-feel book introduces toddlers to different baby animals whilst allowing them to feel the different textures of their hair. There is also a rhyme for each animal which describes the feeling of their skin/fur. Very entertaining and sure-hit with your young ones.

Funny Face By Anna Walker

Anna Walker is one of the best toddler-authors and this book is a great example of this. Human beings are capable of showing how they are feeling by their facial expressions and Funny Face is fantastic for encouraging children and indeed yourself to make different faces at one another to show emotion and expressions. Each page shows a different emotion and will have your toddler laughing and experimenting to try different facial expressions, from happy to sad, scared to impressed. Great fun for both toddler and parent.

Dear Zoo Noisy Book By Rod Campbell

30 years after this book was first published it still remains one of the most recommended books by parents and could not be missed from this best books for toddlers list. A young child wants to have a pet and so writes to the Zoo asking them to send one, they do but there is something wrong with each one until they send the perfect pet. This interactive books allows your child to pull flaps up, look behind crates and even push a button that creates the noise of the animal. Another book that will provide both the reader and child a lot of entertainment.

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