Buying Silver Coins – 2 Perspectives on How to Buy Silver Coins

If you are looking into how to τιμη ασημι I presume you have already discovered the serious fundamentals that will fuel the coming silver prices explosion, and you have decided buying silver coins is the best way for you to buy silver systematically over time. So, in this article I will explain how to do it from two fundamentally different perspectives.

The first perspective of buying silver coins is to purchase mint-quality uncirculated coins.

“Mint quality” means the coins have been rated by how perfectly or finely they were created or minted. The highest mint quality you can buy is “MS-70” which means the coin is perfect with no wear whatsoever.

Buying silver coins from this perspective presumes they will be worth more to numismatics (i.e., collectors) as the coins age and become more rare. They are normally sold in a plastic case to protect the coin and to ensure it remains “uncirculated” (untouched by human hands).

The future value is driven by a host of factors including the age, fineness, the number of equivalent coins minted that year, availability, demand, and to a lesser degree… the price of silver… when you sell the coin. Mint quality coins are typically expensive (for example, a new, current-year MS70 American Eagle typically costs over $100 in the year it is minted) and are expected to grow in value… sometimes very quickly.

The second perspective is to buy “commodity” silver coins such as unrated American Eagle coins (one of the most popular in the world). I refer to them as “commodity” coins meaning there is a huge supply and they are not singled out by mint-quality ratings.

Like mint-quality American Eagle coins, commodity coins are one-ounce, 0.999 pure silver “collector” coins, but they cost much less and more closely track the spot price of silver. Mint quality coins will grow in value as other collectors seek specific coins to complete or complement their collections, but commodity coins will rise dramatically as silver prices rise.

Buying silver coins this way allows you to buy more coins now… which will be very important when the coming silver prices explosion arrives.

It has been stated if you have as few as 1,000 American Eagle coins in the next 15 years, you will be absolutely shocked how much they will be worth. To buy these commodity coins, you can simply go to any distributor, or you can buy them over time and earn free silver coins as you go.

Buying mint-quality coins is an art that requires a mix of logic, research, and speculation which can be fun, educational, and exciting. Buying silver coins of the commodity genre’ is more a matter of getting as many coins for your money as you can, and then just wait for the coming silver prices explosion.

As with anything, there is always more to learn, and the path you take is your choice, but these are two fundamental approaches of how to buy silver coins today.

1. Buy from a Trustworthy Dealer

Determining how trustworthy a dealer is, is the first thing that should be done, whether a buyer decides to buy silver coins from an actual coins or collectibles shop or online. For those considering an online dealer, they should read reviews by other customers on the Internet before buying. For those who want to buy from an actual shop, they should ask former customers for their feedback or ask your family and friends to recommend you to a trustworthy dealer. Since their money will be on the line, they should avoid shady dealers.

2. Avoid Breaking the Law

Making sure the coins are legal is very important when buying silver coins. Buyers might end up in trouble with the law if they buy these coins from a questionable source or in a questionable manner. Getting tangled in an illegal operations means they might have to serve time. This is why it is recommended to avoid buying silver that seem like they are stolen or are not being sold legally.

3. Never Buy What You Do Not Understand

Determining whether or not a silver coin looks good is not enough when buying these coins as an investment. First, their silver content should be determined to understand their value. When it comes to the value of these coins, their silver content is more important than their design and form. In comparison to relatively newer coins, those that have a history tend to be more valuable. It is best to stay away from these coins that have minimal silver content and barely any history. Doing research first is recommended and the value of these coins should also be evaluated.

4. Stay Away from Premium Coins

Junk silver coins worth money can be really valuable. Paying more for design is just a waste of money. Junk coins have far more precious metal in them and are worth every penny spent to buy them. When buying these coins it is indeed easy to get tempted by premium ones since they look so stunning. However, as an investment, junk coins can be more valuable. If you go for junk coins over premium coins you will save money and make a worthwhile investment.

Keeping the above tips in mind, it is important to remind buyers that whatever they do, they should always make sure that they buy silver coins from a reliable dealer. Buying these coins is definitely a wise decision since the value of the U.S. paper dollar is continuously decline, silver can prove to be a valuable, hard asset.

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