Can You Meet a Nice Girl Clubbing?

As a woman who knows a thing or two about how women think, act and feel, and how men can position themselves in the best possible light to attract women, I am often asked the question; can you meet a nice girl nightlife in cancun? If we only had a few seconds, I guess the short and simple as the answer is; of course you can, however if you are single guy you probably know that picking up women is neither a short or simple process so allow me to give you a real-world angle on whether or not you can meet a nice girl at nightclubs.

Like I said before, of course you can meet a nice girl at clubs. The problem is just because you have met a nice girl does not mean you have the ability to date her. If you are single guy, there is one thing you need to get clear in your head right now and that is even though your mind may always be receptive towards dating or the opportunity for a relationship the female brain doesn’t work the same way yours does. Women have the ability to compartmentalize and focus ourselves defensively; it’s a survival tactic, if we didn’t shut you men out and tune out your advances there would be no way for us to get anything done.

Think about it, how many times has a woman come up to you in a coffee shop, nightclub, restaurant, bus stop or wherever and try to ask you out on a date? I don’t care how hot of a guy you are the answer to my question is probably “rarely” or “almost never”. Now if you turn the tables and asked that same question to even an average looking woman she can tell you that when ever she is out and about there is always some guy flirting with her and if she says there isn’t she probably just clueless. So back to night clubs…

Oftentimes when we are out clubbing, were out with her girlfriends and we’re not out to meet our next boyfriend. Now you have to understand, no matter how great of a guy you are our defenses are going to be up, our radar is set on high, and the needle on our BS meter is constantly in the red zone. So yes you can meet a nice girl clubbing but the chances are we are going to brush you off or pay just enough attention to you so that we can get free drinks out of your and move on to hanging out with her friends.

Now you may be reading this and saying I call BS on her, I’ve met plenty of girls in the club’s and even made out with them on the dance floor, a few times I brought a girl home, and a few other times we’ve had relationships. I’m not saying you haven’t, what I am saying is in most cases it was the girl’s decision to either make out with a guy, have a one night stand, or have a summer fling type relationship. Either way you were doomed from the start if you are looking for a nice girl in a long-term relationship, even if she was a nice girl she wasn’t going to compartmentalize you as long-term boyfriend material because you picked up on her at a nightclub.

You need to outsmart us, if we are to say to ourselves at the beginning of the night “I’m just can have fun with my girlfriends tonight” you need to see that coming and be prepared for it. Does that mean avoid us and not talk to us? No.

Come up to say hi, introduce yourself, start a great conversation and then respect the fact that were out with her friends and say something like “I can tell you’re out with your friends tonight but you seem really interesting and I really like your style, is there anyway I can have your phone number so that I can call you and we can maybe get to know each other better on a night when you don’t already have plans?” Bam!

You just threw a curve ball in, but no other guy would’ve even thought of! The key to finding a nice girl out clubbing is to not try and close her at the club. I remember one of my first jobs out of college and the sales training that I received when I first got the job; my trainer told me, “your goal for the first time you talk to the customer is to secure the next meeting, nothing more nothing less just get them to agree to meet with you.”

This is the philosophy that you need to have in your head if you want to meet a nice girl clubbing. Move-in just enough, and then respectfully bow out with her phone number in your pocket so that you can call her and start your relationship on your home turf where you have home-field advantage and she hasn’t already mentally written you off.

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