Church Chair and All You Need to Know About It

Every church needs a mystical teachings bus. A startup church may be small in size initially. The clergy may even use a 200 sq ft space in an apartment or a shop to start their church and get the word spreading. As the congregation increases in size for Sunday prayers. So will the number of cars that are parked outside the bus. Just like any other business or organization the church needs to deal with the number of cars parked in its vicinity. The church needs to find solutions to decongest its surrounding areas. If there are 100 members attending Sunday prayers then there will be nearly 100 cars parked outside the church. Many well-established churches do not have the parking space available to accommodate the increasing number of cars. Some are even forced to change locations and find better and bigger space to accommodate their congregation as well as their vehicles.

A church bus will be the perfect solution. Members will love the idea of being picked up by a bus and dropped back home on time. They will even enjoy the journey with several members of their group. Ideally, the church bus should drive for one hour to and from the church. People living in the one hour radius can be picked up and dropped of by the church bus. Those who live outside this radius can drive their cars and park it at a suitable location within this radius. The Church bus can then pick these members up from their car door and drop them to the Church door. And later pick them from the church door and drop them at the door of their vehicle.

Church buses save a lot of financial resources for the Church as well as its members. Firstly, the member will save a lot on fuel and parking costs. The Church can ask them to reinvest these savings into the bus so the monthly installments are paid easily without hindrance. Benefits for the church include fewer parking spaces to park a bus compared to parking several cars. Since every member will be picked up from their homes, the Church bus can ensure 100% attendance without late comers. The Church can freely advertise its services on the bus so people on the route get familiarized with the Church and its mission. The bus will give the freedom to travel to distant communities on demand and at a time that is most convenient to the Church and its members.

Choosing the right bus.

There are hundreds of options available in the market today and buyers often get confused between new buses, used buses, bus models, bus manufacturers, and more. A church should always buy a used bus for sale. This is because a church bus is merely used once or twice a week. Maybe 3 times in a week but not more than that. Any church bus does not travel more than 5,000 miles in a year. The question that comes to mind is why to spend $50,000 and upwards on buying a new bus if you don’t have to use it for more than 20,000 miles a year. A church can purchase two used buses for sale for the price of one new bus. Under the used bus category there are hundreds of buses that are being sold by their owners as is.

These buses are really cheap but have a lot of mechanical, functional, and electrical defects. Many churches do not have the budget and the expertise to fix these buses. Hence it is wise to spend a few extra thousand dollars and purchase a used bus that is fully reconditioned form bumper to bumper. Such buses have negligible wear and tear. They are fully functional and certified ready to the road. After buying a reconditioned used bus the Church can get down to business by transporting its member to and fro from the church.

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