Developing Your Spirituality – How to Enhance Your Inner Power

All people know that they CN505 power station walk, smile, and do a host of other actions with their body. But most of them do not know that they can talk about things which they do not know consciously, can go to places without walking there, can smile to persons who are unseen, and that they can do other actions which depend more on their mind and spirit than on their body. These persons do not know that they have an inner power within them and that they can enhance this inner power.

Three Clusters of Inner Power

Your inner power is composed of three clusters of power. The first cluster is mental. When you think about anything, you are using your mental power.

The second cluster in your inner power is psychic or of the soul. Some use the word “soullish” to describe this cluster. You can find this word in some commentaries on the Bible but I have not found such word in the dictionary. The word “psyche” is the Greek word for “soul”. When you know of something but you cannot pinpoint the source of such a knowledge, you are using your psychic power.

The third cluster in your inner power is spiritual or pneumatic. The word “pneuma” is the Greek word for “spirit”. When you love another fellow human being with a genuine love, that is, without any selfish motive, you are using your spiritual power.

I call them clusters because within each cluster there are specific powers. The philosophers say that our mental power has three basic functions: to know, to remember, and to desire. The psychic cluster of inner power has more than three functions: knowing hidden things, foretelling dangers, seeing from a distance, etc. The spiritual cluster has also more than three functions although the most basic of these are to love, to hope and to believe. But there are others, like to discern, to walk with spirits, etc.

So, you see that if you are a human being you have these three clusters of power. You do not have to be strange looking, like the caricature of a witch, in order to have psychic powers. You have them.

These clusters interact with one another. The mental powers help the psychic and the spiritual powers. The psychic powers function best with the help of the mental and spiritual powers. The spiritual powers become most fruitful with the help from the other clusters of inner power.

How to Enhance Your Inner Power

The first thing that you have to do is to accept the fact that you have this inner power. There is no use trying to enhance something which you think does not exist in you.

Most people think that this inner power is reserved for a select few. It is not. As long as you are a human being you have this inner power. Can you form a thought in your mind? If you can, then you have this inner power.

Secondly, acknowledge that it is up to you to enhance this inner power. Nobody can do it for you. I cannot do it for you. I can give you ideas how you can do the enhancement, but the actual process depends on you.

Thirdly, realize that this enhancement is basically a matter of faith and obedience. As Emerson said, “The whole course of things goes to teach us faith. We need only obey.” I will suggest to you here two exercises which will enhance your inner power, especially your intuition and security from danger. But you have to believe in these exercises and just follow them.

Two Exercises

There are many courses out there which will teach you how to enhance your inner power. You can consult them. Some of them charge a good sum of money. Here I give you only two exercises. These exercises will hopefully enable you to begin enhancing your inner power. The other ways will be given to you by the Spirit who is the ultimate source of this power. After you do these for sometime you keep on heeding that inner prompting of the Spirit in you. You follow your hunches. Some call this the inner voice. I call it prompting because you do not actually hear anything. It is a prompting which you know is there.

Exercise 1. Affirm and feel your oneness with all things.

You can do this while you are resting, before you sleep, or at any time when you can pause from your work. Just say, “I am one with the things, plants, animals and persons around me.” Then feel that oneness. Look at the things around you, the table, the chairs, the air, the light, the sounds, and feel your oneness with them. Look at the pets or animals around you, the plants, the trees, the flowers, and feel your oneness with them. You can even think that you are made of materials similar to theirs. You can think of the sun, moon, planets, stars and the spaces between these heavenly bodies and affirm and feel your oneness with them.

When you do this exercise you become united with the Spirit who is in all and who created all. Then he can act in and through you. He will activate your inner power to function as he planned it to be.

Exercise 2. See without seeing.

Again the best time to do this exercise is when you are not doing something in your work. You can do this while you are in your office, or on a walk, or in a place where you are not disturbed.

You take a look at the things around you or at the things beyond you. In a second or two impress them on your mind. Then close your eyes. In your mind with your eyes closed see those things again. It may take only some seconds to do this. Ten seconds would be a long time already.

As you do this, you will be able to sharpen your intuition, your sense of inward sight, seeing things that you do not see with your eyes.


There are two cautions which I give you as you enhance your inner power.

The first is to be careful with your words. As you enhance your inner power the words that come from your mouth will become powerful and effective. For example, you can stop the rain by your mere words. You can control the raging of the fire by your word. Perhaps you will be the one who will be surprised when this happens to you. But it will happen. So, speak only good words to others. If you curse somebody that curse can be realized.

The second caution is more general. Use your inner power only for the benefit of mankind and the rest of creation. Do not use it to destroy others. There is always the danger that you will use this against your enemies. That is why some Christians have discouraged or even prohibited the use of this inner power because they think that it leads to association with the powers of darkness, the Devil or Satan. In itself it does not lead to evil, but the danger is that it can be used for the wrong purposes.

Benefits of Enhancing Your Inner Power

You will experience many benefits when you enhance your inner power.

The most important benefit you will get is that you will lead a healthy, balanced life. The Spirit in you will lead you to balance all the aspects of your life, physical, emotional, mental, psychic and spiritual.

Another benefit is that you will be warned of dangers before they appear in your life. The Spirit knows these dangers ahead of time and he will warn you of them before they happen.

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