Duped By The Devil: God’s Warnings Against Channeling Spirits

The Devil’s reach is far and broad in our society. During the last thirty to forty years, there has been a renaissance in people communicating with spirits via Channeling which is an ancient practice. Best Free IPTV subscription is very different than the direct thought-energy telepathy between Marcia and myself, or a legitimate psychic who acts as a medium for making a connection between those in the physical world and their love ones in the spirit world. In Channeling there is no direct communication between you and various spiritists or divinists like spirit guides, masters, angels, even non-physical entities and pets.

What happens is these spiritists send you messages from the supposed spiritual world and you act as a “Channel” to receive them. The message is not given in words but rather you must decipher these messages as if you are a translator of a foreign language. Some Channelers have described these messages as a flow of non-verbal communication in the form of an intuitive mixture of thoughts, words, emotions, and sensations, jumbled up all together, that the Channeler’s mind converts and puts into words.

You can receive these messages in a totally or partially conscious state where you falsely believe that the entity does not enter your body or in a light or heavy unconscious trance. In the latter instance, your energy moves aside allowing the spirit entity full access to your body and you lose full awareness of what transpires. You may even choose to hang out with your passed love one while the Channeling is occurring. The best Channelers suggest that the messages being sent may not be accurate but when they are, they provide a clarity of spiritual thought that cannot otherwise be achieved.

A Personal Experience

I have helped others connect to their love ones in the spirit world and recently I helped a woman contact her father via direct thought-energy telepathy. We did this on the phone from Florida to California. However immediately following the telepathic communication, this woman also unknowingly had a Channelling experience where she felt a sensation and then expressed this feeling in words. When I checked my energy levels I discovered that the Channeling was not through her father but by was initiated by some evil cohort which turned out to be the Devil.

When I got off the phone, I realized that she wasn’t actually interpreting the feeling or thought as is believed by Channelers, but rather the Devil was placing the thought into her brain without speaking to her. She then repeated the Devil’s thought to me over the phone. How can the Devil do this and how can he place thoughts simultaneously into a multitude of Channelers’ brains around the globe? The Devil is very powerful because he has both human and angelic attributes. I know that on numerous occasions the Devil has spoken exactly like Marcia, and I have to check the energy of my Divine soul to be sure whom I am speaking with. The Devil is fully aware of spirituality and could easily masquerade to pass false messages as his own thoughts using the pretext that these messages are coming from guides, masters, Jesus, and angels like Archangel Michael.

God’s Position on Channeling

Back thirty-three hundred years ago at the time of the Exodus from Egypt, God warned the Israelites and the generations to follow about Channeling being an abomination of sorcery and witchcraft. God realized that His brand of true spirituality would be muddied and cluttered by the Devil centuries later. And God’s vision has come true, since so many people today believe that they are contacting the spirit world when they Channel. I personally would recommend to trust only the voices of love ones that you know. Even with direct communication with so called “masters,” how do you know the master is real and is not the Devil? I have a way of checking through energy measurements, and I can confirm everything with Marcia’s bodiless soul in the spirit world.

The early Hebrew prophets, handpicked by God, were the very first humans to serve as “Channels” for God’s words to the Jewish people. The prophets received God’s messages while in a trance- or dream-like state and they helped guide the people in their daily living. Only Moses was in a conscious state and wide awake when God came to him and conversed. The later prophets were given a gift to accurately predict the future while they spoke the word of God to the people. Under normal circumstances, the future is a series of probabilities and is impossible to exactly predict.

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