Google To Effectively Grow Your Practice For You!

What people Comprar avaliações Google see and think about your online presence is going to have a massive effect on how seriously they take all your other advertising. This is because the moment a prospective patient sees something you are featured in – whether this is an advert / PR / article etc. the first thing most of them will do (and by most I mean all!) is Google your name and see what comes up…

… and if what they find is poor reviews, a poor quality website or just a lack of presence then they are less likely to follow up with making that initially appointment…

… and if they don’t make the initial appointment you have no way of amazing them with your brilliance and getting them to stay with you for care!

On the other hand if you look like a practice someone could do business with i.e. you have a professional looking site, loads of raving reviews and testimonials, video clips on YouTube, a Google+ business page with all your practice details / offers and coupons then who are they more likely to visit you or another less select practitioner?

It is incredibly easy to set up a Google review system where you encourage your satisfied clients to submit those “5 star” online reviews. But as a quick review here’s a brief outline of a few of the things you should be looking at:

1. Actively encourage your staff to seek reviews and testimonials from all your patients who say anything complementary about you / your services / or your practice / or staff! Deliberately seek out those with positive things to say about you in order to maximise the great things that are said about you. It may sound biased (which it is!) but if you only ask those with positive thing to say about you to say them then you will get far more positive things said!

2. Turn these positive things into “5 star” Google reviews! Google reviews are often the first thing people read and are almost universally trusted – and you want as many of them as you can get!

3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there is nothing more powerful than testimonials and other social proof to show just how brilliant you are! Get a variety of these in video / audio / plain text and get them on your site / Google + and YouTube!

4. Get articles and press releases written about you and your practice that “talk you up” and load them with these testimonials. Once on paper these can be made into posters for the clinic waiting rooms and changing areas, added to newsletters and other articles and even uploaded to the Internet and syndicated using the various online PR web services.

Yes, I know it means you have to actually do something to increase your business and strengthen you practice. Yes, you may have to do a little work to encourage more patients to use your services… but if it is a neck and neck race between you and the therapist down the street you need to do something to move you in front – and these four steps are just the thing!

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