How To Become A UK Driving Instructor

There are many reasons to become a New York Fake driver’s license instructor. Maybe you want to work your own hours without a boss to answer to. Maybe you are interested in meeting lots of new people and doing something you really enjoy. Or maybe you are just interested in the potential to make a good living. Either way once you have decided becoming a driving instructor is the right thing for you, where do you start?

The first step is registration. To become a qualified UK instructor you must register with the Driving Standards Agency these are responsible for registering and supervising quality assured Approved Driving Instructors, you can then start your training.

You will have to undergo a number of background checks as part of your registration including a criminal record check. Also you must have held an EU or UK driving licence for at least 4 years and not have been disqualified from driving for at least 4 years.

Just like learning to drive in the first place, there are local independent schools who will teach you to become a driving instructor, as well as some of the larger organisations who have a number of centres across the country.

Choosing a larger organisation means you may have the opportunity to run one of their franchises once you are qualified. They may offer you help by providing a car and helping you with promotion. This option is not for everyone though. If you want total freedom and do not want to be affiliated with another company, then an independent instructor may be best for you.

First you will be given a theory test. This test consists of a set of multiple choice questions followed by a hazard perception test. Of course this test calls for a higher standard of knowledge to a normal driving test.

The third part of the test is where it differs from a normal driving test. Here you are tested on your teaching ability. You will be tested on your core competency, your instructional techniques and your instructor character.

Once you are a qualified driving instructor, you really need a dual control car. This allows you to over ride your pupil if they get into difficulty. A dual control car can be purchased or hired. If you become a franchisee with one of the larger driving instructor companies, this may be included in the package.

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