How to Select a Washing Machine

Suppose you are now looking for a new busbar bending machine. With so many washing machine in the electronics store, you may be overwhelmed with the wide array choices in front of you. A front loading washing machine may look very attractive and is more energy efficient but the price tag may give you jolt you a little. Should you pay more in such a case?

Well, there are many things you need to consider when it comes to buying a new washing machine. The steps towards selecting the right washing for your house are no different from paying money for a refrigerator or a big plasma TV. You should understand what is the differences you are getting and whether your shopping budget is able to accommodate it.

Several factors you need to consider includes price tags, who is the manufacturer, the special features the washer may have and whether it is a front load or top loading type. For this article, we will take a quick look at the difference between buying a front load washer and a top load washer.

Top Load Washer

Most top loading washing machines will have an agitator. The basic function of the agitator is to aid in the cleaning process, fetching and distributing the water in and out from the washing machine. Due its nature of design, agitator can cause additional heavy motion on your clothes, resulting in clothes being worn out faster. Compared to a front load washer, a top loading washing machines uses up to 70% more water. However, the washing cycle is quicker and shorter. Most importantly, the price tags of most top loaders are at least 20 to 30% cheaper than the front loading ones.

Front Load Washer

In contrast, a front loading washing machine does not have an agitator. As such, there is more laundry space and lesser twisting and turning of your clothes, meaning more care for laundries you have put inside the washing machine. Compared to top load washer, front load types of washing machines are slightly more cost efficient, in terms of its energy and water usage requirements. The negative aspects of purchasing a front loading washing machine its unflattering ergonomics design – you need to bend down to put in or take out the laundry.

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