Internet Scams – Top Tips to Act Smart, Identify, Avoid and Report Them

Scams appear to be ruling the roost in the Internet today. latest scam reviews are having a jolly ride and have made the internet their hunting grounds. It appears that the internet is fast becoming the killing fields of the innocents. Millions use the computer and the internet everyday for a variety of reasons such as sending ee-mails, searching for information in search engines, researching and internet marketing.

It is estimated that about 80% of the e-mails receivd by individuals are spams and that spams constitute about 21% of the e-mails received by commercial and business institutions. A significant percentage of these are scams. Scams are prevalent everywhere in the internet in a variety of forms such as advertisements in Classifieds, Websites and in e-mails.

The vast majority of people who fall victim of these scams are either innocent people who are new to the computer and the internet or the opportunity hunters who are anxious to make thousands of dollars overnight. The scammers target these innocent and gullible people who simply do not possess the knowledge to identify a scam.

It is often extremely difficult for the genuine marketer or vendor to compete with the scammer who is prepared to go to any extent, to lie and capture the imagination of the gullible victim.Prevention is better than cure. These steps can help you to act smart identify and avoid being scammed through your computer.

It is very unfortunate that most of those who have been scammed do not report or give publicity to these scams. The are two main reasons for this. The first is that they do not wish to be seen as having acted foolishly. The second is that they will not be able to retrieve the loss as there is no one to whom they could report the scam to.

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