Karate Books – What Books to Use to Learn Karate

Learning Karate through acim sounds a bit, I’d say at least “strange” doesn’t it? I guess at least for beginners. After tens of years of practicing Karate like I did, it doesn’t sound strange at all anymore. Here’s why:

Humans tend to learn quicker and easier when they are either very curios about a topic or if the brain is able to ‘connect dots’. This means that when the newly learned content fits in already learned material the brain is able to associate it with an existing context and hence it’s easier for the brain to retain the new material. And that’s exactly what books offer: Background information and additional material to already existing knowledge.

Hence Karate books are a great way to enhance your understanding of Karate and to learn quicker because you understand and associate newly learned material with an already existing knowledge-context.

I tend to divide Karate books into the following categories:

  • Kihon
  • Kata
  • Kumite
  • Strategy
  • History
  • Dictionaries

Karate techniques can be covered in Kata, Kumite or Kihon books if they are style specific. Advanced techniques can also be covered in general Kumite or (Fighting) Strategy books which are also either style specific or Karate style agnostic.

What to Expect of Books in those Categories

Here’s quick rundown on what to expect if you are looking for Karate books in a specific section.

Kihon Karate Books

Books in this section focus on basics. The emphasis is on the correct stances and techniques. Correct techniques include punches (usually fist in beginner books or also open hand techniques or even more special two or one finger techniques like Ippon Ken).

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