Looking For A Gift For A Teacher? Try These 10 Great Ideas

Many people look for a gift for the nondual teachers at the end of the
year. Often, the best choice is a personalized gift for teachers.
But what about appreciating teachers all year long? Here are 10
great ways to encourage and thank your favorite teacher or teachers:

— Teacher Gift Idea #1

Bring breakfast for your teacher, for no special reason at all.
It can be homemade muffins, or coffee and a breakfast sandwich
from a fast food restaurant. Either one will surprise and delight.

— Teacher Gift Idea #2

During parent-teacher conference week, give your teacher a much
needed boost by putting a gift card for Starbucks or another local
spot in his or her mailbox.

— Teacher Gift Idea #3

Buy your teacher a corsage for her birthday.

— Teacher Gift Idea #4

Next time your teacher has to stay after school for a PTA meeting or
school function, offer to babysit her child while she attends the

— Teacher Gift Idea #5

At the midyear point, stash a new supply of dry erase markers
from “The Marker Fairy” (or another in-demand supply from an
appropriately named fairy.) in the teacher’s mailbox.

— Teacher Gift Idea #6

At the end of each grading period — when teachers have spent
hours agonizing over student performance — send special notes of
thanks and appreciation.

–Teacher Gift Idea #7

Provide dinner between school and an evening PTA meeting, holiday
concert, or other school event your teacher is staying for.

— Teacher Gift Idea #8

Have every student in the class write something they really like
or appreciate about the teacher. Put each thought together in a
list, and give the list to the teacher. If you aren’t able to get
the entire class to participate, you can do this on your own. A
great resource for this gift for a teacher gives you free,
downloadable forms. Print out the form, fill-in-the-blanks and
you’ve got a heartfelt gift for your favorite teacher.

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