Miracles Happen All Around Us

acim youtube are a strange phenomenon, what would you consider a miracle? Achieving the unexpected, something happening against all odds or just something to wonder at, something marvellous? What would your definition be? The medical definition is much stricter to achieve. However what I am considering are the marvellous happenings that are created all around us. Sometimes you could also call them dreams fulfilled.

Travelling through France on the night train we shared a compartment with two other couples. When we started talking we discovered Sally was in fact a medically confirmed miracle. A few years previously she had been “cured at Lords” of an incurable disease, and it had eventually been medically accepted as a miracle! They were on their way back to Lords to spend their annual-holiday working with the sick as they were so thankful for Sally’s cure.

A great many years ago I was born 3 months early, in that time period there was virtually no hope I would survive, so as I wasn’t breathing I was discarded and laid on the floor. Sometime later the nurse picked me up and blew in my face and miraculously and to everyone’s amazement I started breathing and began life. I nearly didn’t exist!

There are often medical miracles when women become pregnant against the odds; people survive horrendous accidents, and illnesses etc. Babies survive in what seem like impossible situations. When my youngest daughter was born she had the cord wrapped 3 times round her neck, and was basically strangling herself. Luckily I was being attended by a very quick thinking, capable midwife who was able to free her and she was delivered successfully.

You hear stories of people gaining impossible strength in emergencies and lifting cars etc to help others. On YouTube recently there was an amazing ten-year old blind boy who played the most beautiful classical music.

Then there are the gifted composers and artist who create amazing works of art; also the current influx of refugees travelling the seas in overcrowded un-seaworthy open boats buffeted by the storms and tides that make it to dry land.

All around us are the wonders of nature, oak trees grow from acorns, plants grow from seeds, and seasons come and go. Sunsets and sunrises are a beautiful flush of luminous colour. Miracles are happening all around us, perhaps we should be more child-like and appreciate and wonder these amazing things.

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