Review Of The Five Best Movies

Numerous movies were made by various companies in the Hollywood. Out of them the best five need a mention and a spiritually enlightening movies They stand in this category for various reasons like a unique plot, good story line, excellent direction, etc. All of them were a box office hit and were well appreciated by the masses all over the world and also by the jury and critics alike.

The movie that can be rated the fifth is “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. It is rated so not because it is not up to the mark but because the other movies had better ratings and stayed in the lime light longer. It is a movie spun around a French shopkeeper. It is not a comedy of sorts but it has its fun moments that will make you laugh.

Next is the movie that took the fourth place among the best of the 2010 movies. It is “Winter’s Bone”. It is a story of a teenager who is in search of her father who is wayward. It has some very good moments when we see many emotions being given vent to. The main role of Ree a headstrong girl is played by Jennifer Lawrence and can be rated as the best performance of the year that any female has played.

The rating of three is carried away by the movie “Inception”. It is in the genre of sci-fi and a story about some spies that come across a technique that will help them know about people’s dreams and steal information from them. It is a weird concept which you have never heard of and keeps you to your seats till the end. It is applauded for the cast of the characters, action and score which are some of the best any movie can have.

The movie that lost its rating to be the best of the year is “The Social Network”. It stood second best to the best movie an animated movie that carried away all the limelight. It is a movie woven around Facebook and its making. Some wonderful performances were displayed by the stars and the co-stars that got an excellent and positive reception from both the critics and the public.

Lastly the best rated movie of 2010 is an animated movie by name “Toy Story 3”. It is a must see movie for all ages. It cannot be out of place to say that it has surpassed many records to gain this position in its genre till date. No one will feel it is not worth the first place after watching it.

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