The Element of Water – Sine Qua Non For Your Luxury House Plan

The element of water makes a top interior designers in Palm Beach to any luxury house plan. By creating ponds and streams surrounded by foliage and rocks, stocked with fish in bright colors, water can be the complex, intriguing, mysterious element in your landscape. The sound of water – of a brook babbling, or of lapping waves on a shoreline, or of a cascade spilling over rocks, is calming to the nerves, and nourishing to the soul.

The reflection of trees and the sky in a pond is a tranquilizing, peaceful sight. Many owners of luxury homes are inspired to incorporate the element of water in their landscape design to create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere, whether in the form of an extravagant garden pond with colorful fish and carpets of floating water lilies; or with designer fountains; or with waterfalls flowing over rocks strategically placed to enhance visual and aural effects.

It can be a challenge to create a striking water feature in your landscape, but it can also be the most rewarding part of your luxury home design. One of the reasons for the increasing interest in adding water features to large luxury house plans is the rise of water gardening which works with nature to create a balanced ecosystem.

Although often employing high-tech, ponds can be created which appear natural and which mature into complete ecosystems which combine plants, fish, and bacteria and algae to create water gardens that practically take care of themselves. These ponds are friendly to the environment and do not need chemicals, testing, or other intensive maintenance since they depend upon pond plants in order to oxygenate the water, and upon snails and other pond animals to keep it clean. When a pond is balanced properly, it will stay healthy and clear by itself.

Formal pools or ponds can also be a magnificent and elaborate addition to your luxury Mediterranean house plan or home. These kinds of water features are often designed in geometric shapes such as circles, rectangles, or squares, which are outlined with concrete or brick edges rather than rough-hewn rocks. Like the natural ponds, these garden pools can include plant and fish life. The addition of fountains or waterfalls, with the sound and arresting sight of splashing water, makes your ornamental pool or pond come alive with vibrant movement; and also helps to aerate the water, which benefits plant and fish life.

Waterfalls can range from a small trickle which spills from one rock, to a large cascade of water pouring over a concrete incline which recreates the sound of Niagara. By incorporating lighting effects, either with underwater lighting or spotlights from above, you can create magical visual effects at night as well as during the daytime.

Fountains with their gracefully arching water sprays can be one of the easiest ways to enhance a garden pool or pond. You can set the mood you desire with gently bubbling sprays, to gushing jets which reach high into the air. Classical statuary for fountains can add formality to your design. Runnels (channels) can be used to join two pools, or can be interesting water features in themselves. Runnels look great in courtyards and terraces, especially when stocked with fish. All types of pools can be enjoyed either inside or out, and are terrific fun for both private relaxing and for entertaining.

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