The First Step to Getting Started in Acting Or Modeling

When it comes to getting into the Corporate Headshots NJ world of modeling and acting. A few questions come to mind. Just how far are you willing to go to make your dream come true? What are you willing to do? What are you willing to give? These are questions that only you can answer. Unfortunately my reasons for asking are quite simple.

Recently I attended an open call where 62 of my peers showed up to give it their best and present their talents. It was quite a mix of people that consisted of various ages, sizes, back grounds and skills levels. Yet to my surprise “and disappointment” only 4 bothered to bring a headshot and resume! Ok, maybe that was just a bad day.

So a few weeks later I attended another audition. This time I was joined by 36 others ready to give it their all. Yet of the 37 total, only 2 came prepared. However there was one young man who brought his wireless lap top so he could present his on line photos to the casting director. Though creative, I don’t believe it was well received.

Bottom line here ladies and gentleman. Headshots Are Everything. Actually the only thing worst then not having one, is showing up with a self taken snap shot. Your headshot is your calling card. It is your first impression. If you want to be treated and accepted as a professional. Then you must be prepared to present yourself as one. Showing up with no headshot is like shooting an 1870’s film wearing tennis shoes. It’s just not acceptable. And keep in mind that more and more how casting and Indy directors are turning people away who don’t have them. So now what?

Well now you get your headshot. Yes, I’m well aware that a good headshot can run between $200 to $300 each. “and you should have more then one”. However with today’s high tech cameras. More and more people are venturing into the world of photography. I’ve seen that price come down in some areas as low as $50 to $100 each.

Another method you might try is checking Craigslist. Many times you can find a college student working on a school project. Or maybe a new photographer trying to build his portfolio. Often they will make an even trade with you. Your free headshot for their use of it in their port.

But do keep in mind. An amateur will not come close to the quality of our more skilled and seasoned photographers we have in the area. But it can at least get you in the door. So again ask yourself. What are you willing to do to succeed? This is but the first of many steps to come. I wish you all the best in your new career.

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