Toning your body with a Heavy Bag Workout

A heavy bag workout is an exceptional option if you wish to have a full body workout, including your stomach muscles. Boxing is an extremely fast pace and intense sport. However this is what makes it brilliant for toning your muscles. I am going to give you a breakdown on how to create a heavy bag workout specifically for toning เว็บมวยไทย. What’s more is I am going to inform you of the ideal equipment you’ll need. If you have already purchased your equipment, don’t go and return it as you can still benefit a lot from some of the techniques I’ll be telling you about later in the article.

Firstly, the heavy bag. The size of the heavy bag you should purchase depends on your strength and size. But as you are looking to tone-up we won’t be looking to hit the bag extremely hard, therefore you shouldn’t need to purchase a bag heavier than 100lbs. If you are of a light frame, your punches will most likely have less force behind them, you will most likely need a heavy bag around 80lbs. If your punches are slightly stronger than most, I would advise a 100lb bag, as you may find 80lb bags swing around far too much. In spite of this, you should take note that a bag that is too heavy could result in severe injury to your hand. As for the brand of heavy bags, Everlast heavy bags usually offer good value for money.

Next, your boxing gloves. Lighter fighters are better off with lighter gloves around 10oz-12oz and heavy fighters need heavier boxing gloves around 12oz-14oz. Anything less than these could lead to you injuring your hands or wrist, due to less protection. Purchasing boxing gloves above the amount that I recommended could cause muscle fatigue too quickly in your arms before any other part of your body can start to feel worked out. That’s the equipment out of the way, now for the workout. One of the essential things that will affect the outcome of a heavy bag workout is the total amount of time that you spend conducting one.

When toning up, we should to split our workout up into five 1-minute rounds with a 30 second break in-between each round. These short burst will work your muscles more intensely. As these are quick intense rounds we must ensure we include a lot of movement. Your heavy bag workout will require defensive movement as well as offensive punches. This includes, weaving, ducking and moving around the bag on the balls of your feet (when ducking you should squat to work your lower body).

Much of your movement will include twisting as this works the stomach muscles, so be sure to emphasise the twist, especially when throwing punches. Be sure that you keep the pace of your workout throughout the rounds. A handy trick that to help this is to keep a record of the amount of punches you throw each round, and aim to beat your last score every time, so you’re competing with yourself.Now these are just some of the basic steps you can take to tone-up. If you want to start developing to more specific details there are many websites that specialise in heavy bag workouts that will help you.

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