What is the best way to get your money back from a Binary Options Scam?

The rise of cryptocurrency has been quite a sad affair for the last few months where a lot of countries have either banned them or restricted their use in the long 如何買比特幣. The fake promises and returns that are being promised have scammed a lot of innocent traders out there. When a cryptocurrency scams is identified, It should be reported to the Options Pricing Reporting Association (OPRA), The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) or the Options Industry Council (OIC). However, in the majority of the cases, these organizations have bigger problems to deal with and as a result, your hard-earned money is either lost or is dealt with at a much later stage of your agony. 

There are a lot of law firms that specialize in recovering your funds that are lost due to such crypto scams but even among them, some are scams as well. In order to deal with such a nuisance, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a company that has a high standard of customer satisfaction, proper ethos and a well-trained team of highly qualified attorneys and advisors.

First Option Recovery is one such recovery firm that has been dealing with fund recovery for over a decade now. The firm has successfully closed over 3189 cases and their expert team of over 128+ attorneys makes sure that all the faulty funds are recovered with ease. The firm is a firm believer in eradicating financial frauds and crypto scams around the globe. They have successfully recovered funds from major scam merchants like CTOption, BBBMarkets, YYNN Finance, Grey Mountain Management and Banc De Binary to name a few.

The firm has a vast portfolio as to what makes a financial broker fishy in its trading approach. All major crypto scams are listed there and you can check as to how many ways the firm has recovered the money from. First Option Recovery clearly states that you should follow these procedures in order to prevent yourself from the binary options scams that are happening in this financial world.

CHECK THE FIRMS LICENSING – You might not get your money back if the firm does not have a license at all. All crypto firms need to have a license from the highest financial authority of the country. Hence you should only trade with regulated brokers. 

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