What Kind of Cookware Should You Purchase?

One product that we use on a daily basis is belgique stainless steel cookware. However we do not think much about it until we start shopping for it. With the creation of so many kinds of cookware a person can become very confused when shopping in a store. Most of the time the sales person is not familiar with the different properties of the various metals and other materials used in cookware. The customer does not really know the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of cookware on the market.

The information in this article is intended to explain the differences in what is on the market today in a clear manner, and to serve as a general guide for those who are interested in some of the technical aspects of cookware construction. manufacturing.

Starting with the Waterless Cookware. The “Waterless” – “water-less” – “minimum moisture” – “vapor” can be misunderstood. I have been asked, “How do you cook waterless?” The idea behind the technology is to cook foods using their own natural water. To achieve this you need a cookware that is constructed with several layers of metals for better heat conductivity and moisture retention, removing the need for added water or oil. This practice retains valuable vitamins and minerals, which would otherwise be boiled or fried out of the food. In addition to vitamin preservation, consumers will experience the natural flavor and color of their favorite foods. With the waterless cookware when your pan is hot and the lid starts to bubble, spin the lid and turn the burner down. This forms a vapor seal that keeps your food cooking at a very low temperature

Stainless steel does not conduct heat very well, thus the need for layers of metals. A heat conducting metal is used to conduct heat between the two layers of stainless steel. Then other layers are placed on the bottom. That is why it is called 3 ply, 5 ply, 7 ply and the like. Of all the cookware on the market Stainless Steel is the most durable. It will last a lifetime if it is cared for. I personally have a that is 50 years old that I am still using. I am now 76 years of age and started using the Waterless Stainless Steel Cookware many years ago.

Cast Iron is also becoming popular for some consumers. The new Cast Iron is heavy and coated so you do not have the same pores fry pan that lets food get in its pores. The coating is enamel and porcelain. Many consumers like the 5 quart for cooking stews, beans, and other food items that will cook awhile. There are complete sets on the market.

Cookware that you cook on without sticking has many grades. The heavier tends to last longer. All surfaces will eventually scratch and are not to healthy to use after the scratches are in the pan. I know that several people still use their pan, but that is unhealthy. Many people like this for their fry pans. If you use this kind of cookware you will replace about every 3 to 5 years. You need to use special tools with this cookware to keep it from scratching.

When shopping for cookware take a look and read the information on the items you are interested in. Remember that light weight is not the best. Your heavier cookware is best in all brands of cookware.

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