Write a Book – The Best Business Card in the World!

Most people that go to un cours en miracles france or events put business cards they receive in separate piles. One pile are the cards that you have no intention of using, but you took as a way to not be rude in the moment.

Then you have the pile that you definitely plan on using! You literally see all of the opportunities with each of these contacts and how they fit into what you’re doing!

However, when you have a book that you can give to someone, now it’s them desiring to reach out to you.

It’s them telling others that they met an author today, you!

People rarely, if ever, throw away a book, so it helps you stay at the top of that persons mind whenever they need something, or know of someone else that needs something, that’s specific to what your book is about.

Imagine being at an event and giving someone who is a decision maker your book, with all of the cards and people they talk to, who do you think they’re going to remember?

You, because of your book and possibly your good looks, but more so your book!

I remember years ago being at an event and wanting to meet the person at the front of the room. It was a long line of people waiting because he was the keynote speaker of the event.

Although I wanted to personally meet this man, I saw the person at the front of the line was a long winded, unconscious person, who was blind to the fact that there were several others in line waiting their turn.

I asked myself what can you do to connect with him without waiting in this long line? This was shortly after I wrote my first book and I took it everywhere I went, looking for any excuse or reason to show it to anyone.

Like an excited new author, I slowly walked toward the front, gently handed him a copy of my book, and told him thank you for a great presentation.

I only expected him to take the book and tell me thank you, while giving me the Politian smile that’s been rehearsed hundreds of times. To my surprised, he looked at the book and asked me did I write this book?

I said yes and he appeared to be very impressed, because he started asking me questions while everyone waited, even the person that he was in the middle of a conversation with.

At that moment, I knew that me writing a book separated me from everyone else in the room that day. It helped my business career, confidence, and effectiveness when connecting with people that I meet for the first time.

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