How to Get Started With a Book?

acim books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of all teachers.”
Charles William Eliot

Reading as a hobby, passion.

Habits are ‘good’ activities that you indulge in regularly to enhance your quality of life, sharpen your thinking and something that you enjoy while you are at it. It’s something that you do out of passion. You feel relaxed during the time you are engaged with it and you get satisfaction out of it every time you emerge a winner.

Reading, among the others is a highly informative, exciting and enjoyable habit for all, practically.

Stephen King once said “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to write”.

How to develop your reading habits?

Are you one of them who has been there and done it but just can’t remember what you read in the previous page? Or, are you someone who wants to develop or enhance your reading habits? Here is a small story for you.

One of my friends, who belong to those types, who get an aversion with books, surprisingly picked up ‘The Kiterunner’ book from my bookshelf long ago and took it home with him, after I recommended it to be a very good read. He said he has heard from many that the book is an excellent work and wanted to read it. More than his intentions of reading the book for the enjoyment that he will experience while doing so, I sensed an unusual feeling of embarrassment he might have to share with others, that he does not read for hobby. Anyway,

I really liked it that he was showing interest in books and let him take the book. I called him after a week and casually asked him ‘how is the book treating you?”. I heard a long sigh and he said ‘I quit, I simply can’t remember the characters. I can’t keep up the continuity in the story as I progress through the pages. Every time I have to turn to the previous page for reference?”

I did not know what to say. Whether I have to be sorry for his state or tell him that it’s fine and he will be better for his next read? Anyways the problem with my friend was that he quit too quickly.

You can’t turn an avid reader over night, if you have not read all your life. You have to take it slow. First thing, you have to believe in yourself that you are going to enjoy your book and no one shoved the book on your face and asked you to read it. Unless you pick up a book and start reading it, it will not happen. The thought will perish inside you, before you even know it. So, get hold of a book and start reading. Initially I suggest you to start on something very light and nothing academic or technical. Because it’s very important that you enjoy your first reads and not think much about the backdrop of it. Another mistake my friend made with his first book was that he continuously went on reading it, page after page, treating it as a punishment from his teacher for not doing his homework. Don’t be too rough with your new friend. Take it slow. Your aim is to make it your passion and enjoy the characters, narration, plot and the author and not to self impose a ban on yourself by confining yourself to your desk.

I suggest that you spend 15-20 minutes a day for a book and after that, you close the book and get on with your other activities and forger it all. Next day come back to the book and continue from where you stopped.

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